ADL CABARET FESTIVAL 2016: Rudi’s The Rinse Cycle

ADL CABARET FESTIVAL 2016: Rudi’s The Rinse Cycle

Welcome one and all to Adelaide’s most fabulous festival – The Cabaret Festival! I want to share these photos with you as I had the utmost pleasure of working with Hew Parham to capture the essence of his character Rudi for the show Rudi’s The Rinse Cycle! We had a little chat with Hew, and Rudi, to capture the essence of this extraordinary show:

Sophie: As an Adelaide local, How does it feel to be a part of this years Cabaret Festival with directors Ali McGregor and Eddie Perfect?
Hew: A complete privilege! Bizarre, surreal, a dream, nerve wracking, fun. I also love how they are pushing the form and definition of Cabaret, challenging it, honouring and reinventing it.



Sophie: What does the slogan for the 2016 cabaret festival “What comes next..” mean to you and the future of cabaret for audiences?
Hew: “What comes next…” is clever because it has this sense of anticipation, it’s looking to the future not backwards which Cabaret often does, but oddly makes you question the now too if it is saying “what comes next…” what is happening now?
Like…who’s on first? What comes next? I don’t know is on third. That’s what I want to find out.
Sophie: Who are your inspirations in clowning?
Hew: Locally a hero of mine has been Steve Sheehan who has been a real mentor through my time with Berlin Cabaret. My teachers especially my clown mentor John Turner in Canada; Aitor Bausari from Spymonkey is the funniest and hairiest man i’ve seen on stage. More widely known I feel blessed to have seen James Thierree perform Raoul at The Adelaide Festival. Slava Polulin from Slava’s Snowshow has done so much healing to the world of clown. In terms of the big guys Chaplin has been a real guide for this show, Buster Keaton, Jacques Tati, Billy Irwin, Paulo Nani, Rowan Atkinson, Jim Carrey. Also, Madeline Kahn, Claire Bartholomew and Angela de Castro have been incredible inspirations.
Sophie: How did you discover your character Rudi?

Hew: Rudi was part of Berlin Cabaret – it was the first show I did after graduating from Drama School – I came in late into the first season as a replacement the day of the performance. Something of what was felt that first night always stayed with Rudi. I got brought into a rehearsal at the last minute given two songs to sing and some choreography. Even now when we perform Berlin Cabaret I always say “Hello my name is Rudi and I am new…” even if i’ve said that 150 times now. He grew throughout my time with Berlin Cabaret and I am learning and discovering even more about him now in his first solo show.



Sophie: What are the character traits of Rudi?
Hew: Rudi is pretty naive, very sweet, a little bit cheeky, a bit daft, very heartfelt, joyous and sad at the same time. He feels a bit like an alien, a child in a man’s body. Rudi being from a German background struggles with the idiosyncrasies of the English Language which causes a lot of humour through his misunderstandings. But something about Rudi’s naivety is really beautiful and allows him and perhaps myself to view the world from a different angle.
Sophie: What should audience members do to prepare for your show?
Hew: Four lunges, two sit ups and a strict diet of crumpets buttered on both sides. I think the best thing would be to have an open mind and allow for “what comes next…”, it may be a very different approach to Cabaret which may surprise people. Knowledge of Wagner’s 15 hour Ring Cycle may or may not be an advantage.
Sophie: If you have one piece of advice for aspiring clowns, what would that be?

Hew: You are your most unique, bizarre, sad, joyous, beautiful creation. It may take you several years of frustration, misunderstanding, journeys, shows, workshops, tears, beers and audience cheers to discover it but when you do it will so be worth it.



Sophie: Is it ok if I speak to Rudi for a second?
Certainly. Rudi??!! Rudi? Yes? Sophie wants to speak to you. Who’s Sophie? She took your photos. OH YES! That was fun. It was good thing you had a dollar to get me out of that washing machine.
Sophie: Rudi, What do you like the most about your audience?
Rudi: I like it when they are awake, when they don’t throw vegetables at me.
Sophie: What kind of things will you have in your bag for the show?
Rudi: What show? There’s a show?! There’s a bag in the show? There will be things in the bag? Probably the usual – lipstick, a 12 inch LP of Warm My Weiner and my magical sword and helmet in case i need to slay any dragons in the foyer.
Sophie: If you were stranded on a dessert island, what 3 things would you take with you?
Rudi:An island made of dessert? A large spoon, Ice magic and someone to share it with preferably not Hitler.
Sophie: What is your motto?

Rudi: If the going gets tough then get out of there as quick as you can! Don’t look back whatever you do! It may be a dragon… or worse… your mother! Or even worse it may be your mother who has turned into a dragon. It’s long but it’s meaningful.




You can book tickets to see this marvellous man here at the Adelaide Cabaret Festival 2016

Photographs by Sophie Armstrong, The Moon and The Mirror


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