Be Our Guest with Bespoke!

Be Our Guest with Bespoke!

Cabaret: what is it without the eccentrics, the creatives and the fabulousness that envelops you upon entering the theatre?

For me, this is the essence of Cabaret. It begins the moment you enter the threshold of a theatre or event space. You can hear the tinkering of the ivories, the voracious laughter and standing ovations in the distance…

In the moments before the Adelaide Cabaret Festival begins this weekend, I want to now celebrate those that make your experience magical before you see performers such as Dita Von Teese, Helen Dallimore or Robyn Archer before you on stage.

For some years I have worked with the incredible Peta-Anne Louth of Bespoke, a boutique hosting service that redefines everything you knew about service.

Experiencing us, is akin to experiencing a performance. We make ourselves the glue between the people and the party… gallivanting around causing equal doses of magic and mischief.

For this years Adelaide Cabaret Festival, Bespoke will play an enormous part in the experience of patrons. To celebrate their incredible vision we have collaborated, revealing a sneak peek of what is in store during this years Adelaide Cabaret Festival. It is all about “What Comes Next” – the future of Cabaret. What limits can not only be pushed but completely transformed?

I always loved those vintage images of the ‘help’ – pictures of staunch concierges with little hats that sit on an acute angle. Waiters with the poise, elegance and all-seeing eyes that fulfil whims before you desired them. For Bespoke, epitomising the past and future vision of what hospitality service can be, makes them equal parts poise, elegance and all seeing eyes mixed with show girl flirty fancifulness.

I had the pleasure of photographing this shoot, but this spectacular collaboration did not end with The Moon & The Mirror and Bespoke.

Mandy, from Mandy’s Make-up and Michael from Gusto and Flair swirled, primped and primed us for hours  to fulfil a vision that was nothing short of epic. Working with, for and around creatives is the new way forward to instigate fabulousness in every nook of and cranny of an event.

What a day – now we ask that you come and play with us, Cabaret Festival is here!

bespoke shoot-0067
The fearless and fabulous Hostess of Hosts: Peta-Anne Louth! Director of Bespoke

bespoke shoot-0137

bespoke shoot-9942

bespoke shoot-0050

bespoke shoot-0240
Olivia Freer, Our eccentric lady of Magic invites you to be our guest!

bespoke shoot-0366

bespoke shoot-0233

bespoke shoot-0283

bespoke shoot-0748

bespoke shoot-0435
Our most elegant host, Victoria Halburd shines in directing you to your most fabulous night!

bespoke shoot-0497

bespoke shoot-0540

bespoke shoot-0532

bespoke shoot-0636

bespoke shoot-0811

bespoke shoot-0791

Lets take a look behind the scenes!

bespoke shoot-9897

bespoke shoot-9899

bespoke shoot-0383
Mandy Nash from Mandy’s Makeup at work!

bespoke shoot-0185

bespoke shoot-9904

bespoke shoot-0190


See you this weekend! If you can’t make it, stay up to date with my take-over of The Adelaide Cabaret Festival Instagram! Follow us @TheMoonandTheMirror and @AdelaideCabaret to join us in all the fun!


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When I wake up, I am still asleep.

When I wake up, I am still asleep.

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