DIY Kanzashi Hair Ornament

DIY Kanzashi Hair Ornament

When I was in Japan last year I fell in love with the art of the hair ornament. The Japanese Kanzashi (hair ornament) has adorned the elaborate hair of Geisha and were also worn by regular women for centuries. Sometimes a Kanzashi was specifically created to be used as a self defence weapon!

I love the way the details were so fine and intricate. Some have dangling elements that catch the wind and shimmer, or make a little tingling sound as one walks. The hair ornaments are all about composition, craftsmanship and beauty. Recently on the beach, I found some feathers and some shards of mother of pearl. The iridescence is so stunning and liquid I wanted to make them into something, Kanzashi was the perfect solution!



I used the feather quills to mount the mother of peal. The glue stick well to them and they seem to have really great stay when placed in hair. They are not slippery like plastic, so make for an interesting and natural material.

These shards had washed up on the beach, just like shells when I collected them. The mother of pearl sparkled in the sun and I was obviously so drawn like a bower bird!


Choose your materials and then cut the quill to the desired length.


Play around with the design and figure out how you will glue them on before you heat up the glue gun. When you are satisfied with the design,  glue the Mother of Pearl around the quill. Ensure that the glue cannot be seen (i.e covered by the mother of pearl shards).



Sometimes you cannot find what you are imagining, or seeking to adorn yourself with. It is in these moments that a glue gun, some patience and unashamed creativity are the most amazing tools. You can create anything you want, and it is so satisfying to wear something intrinsically original and completely unique. Remember, sometimes it is the journey that is the most fun part, even if the end product was not just as you imagined it. Just roll with it!





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