DIY: Soirée Photo Booth

DIY: Soirée Photo Booth

During a soirée, thousands of pictures are snapped. At the time, you may exclaim to your friend: “That was the greatest photo of you EVER!”. However, the next morning you realise that this statement was under the guise of all those glasses of champagne. Quelle Horreur! – Both your vision and camera focus were more than a touch hazy.
Let us not even mention the disastrous flash on an iPhone that is not flattering for anyone. We have found over many parties that to combat this, it is best  to have a specific photo area with good lighting. This made for the most divine photos to look back on.

DIY Soirée Photo Booth

What you will need:

  1. A wall or interesting background. Remember that your guests are the stars, so let them be the focus.
  2. Good lighting. You do not need professional lighting kits or fandabbydoozy industrial structures. I got a set of lights for $48 AUD here on ebay (not sponsored) but I also found some DIY versions here which are equally as good!
  3. A Camera. Again, you do not need anything too fancy. I recommend you invest in creating good lighting first as that does the majority of the work for the camera.
  4. Props – a chair, a fake cigarette – something for people to hold and play with. Posing for a photo can be intimidating for some people and this helps them to embrace their character.


  1. Do a test run so you have the lights where you need them, the settings on your camera as you like them, the background perfect et cetera.
  2. Take the photos as people arrive. This is when guests look their absolute best. Also – it is a great activity to start the night off.
  3. Have a ‘designated’ photographer. When the photos are being taken, try to have the photographer as sober as possible – you can thank me for your in focus images later.
  4. It is best to take photos as people come in at the beginning of the party. When everyone has arrived and been snapped, the photographer puts down the camera and continues to party into the night!
  5. Do have the photo area away from the main party. This will help you avoid hazards occuring with any cables and lighting, plus camera equipment. It is great also because this well lit room will take away from the beautiful low-lit atmosphere of the main arena.
  6. Don’t be serious, let people do in front of the camera what they wish. It is about capturing the moment!
  7. Do insist on portraits – It is so wonderful to capture every face that walks through your door.
  8. Do send out the photos to everyone by email or better yet, have them printed off. Ask first before posting on Social Media – for more on this topic, check out

Here is a little look from our last themed Soirée ‘Weimar Cabaret’:



























All Photographs shared with the permission of the sitters.
Photography by Sven Dohnt


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Carla Lippis.

Carla Lippis.

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