Dress Up when you’re Feeling Down

Dress Up when you’re Feeling Down

Up down, high low.. we all know these contrasts. It is the human condition to experience them both. After all, we would not know light without dark nor happy without sad.

There are days that I wake up and things can feel less than rosy. Often my mind has run away with itself and all I feel like doing is wearing some kind of all consuming bath robe and ugg boots. There is a little voice in the back of my mind, which I am so grateful doesn’t get washed out by the great, overwhelming negativity that says to me: You can choose to change the path of this moment.

If you can’t hear that little voice in you, don’t worry. Here’s me saying it. You can choose to change the path of this moment.

This little voice is saying go and get dressed up. Take a shower and wash away any heavy energy, wash your face and go to the wardrobe. Pick something fabulous out. A bright colour, a magnificent pattern, a favourite thing. Put it on, follow it up with some towering heels or earrings so flamboyant their sheer absurdity makes you smile.

There, in that moment you have consciously decided to change the way your day will go. By getting dressed up you have engaged with creativity, triggering a little smile and an air of fabulous that will carry you through your day. Dress up for life. Dress up for you. Life is short and this life is yours – you get to run in the way you choose. By choosing to dress up, you are telling the universe that you are grateful for another magnificent day on earth. That you want to promote positivity within it.

I am not saying that this is the be all and end all to changing your mood or mental state, but it is certainly an incredible start. Just give it a try, let that little voice be heard.

You can choose to change the path of this moment.


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Written in Stone

Written in Stone

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