Hedonistic Rivalry

Hedonistic Rivalry

We were entranced into.. enchanted within this moment. This – our Hedonistic Rivalry. We descended, the two of us, upon our picnic post horse-back ride. English pointer languishing at our feet and delicate champagne coupé’s tilting dangerously between our hands. Hands which previously tugged at the leather reigns of our steeds. Hands which willed horse-powered directionless paths and adrenaline fuelled distances of least resistance through the woods. We rode swiftly, chasing each other. Attempting to win a race that was never predetermined.

We compete like that, enjoying what is jolly rivalry between comrades. It is the foreplay of hedonism: our pursuit of pleasure.
Our pursuit to drink the most champagne, experience the greatest rush of speed atop our stallions and to win the greatest hand of cards. To read the most powerful verses and become the Raconteur of the day. There is an understanding of the shared epicurean objective and mutual desire to constantly obtain it. Perhaps… it is our addiction.

One should always be drunk. That’s all that matters… but with what?
With wine, with poetry, or with virtue, as you choose. But get drunk

-Charles Baudelaire
Our instruction for constant drunkenness is that one should never stop reading. One must enquire curiously about everything and everyone around you. One listens out for every detail that no one else picks up.

I bid you: Drink champagne, or coca cola – whatever gives you the impulsive feeling of playful joy and heavy lightness that accompanies the achievement of hedonism.
Become lost in the pursuit with grand friends at your side. For the best experience of drunkenness my friends, is to share that level of heady divinity with those whom you love. Those who walk with you – not after or before you. Those who say Yes! ‘Let’s read and act out a play!’: Yes! ‘Let’s learn to dance to that melody!’: Yes! ‘Let us play cards until we cannot see diamonds from clubs!’: Yes! Yes! Yes! Pleasurous moments are not defined by alcohol content. They are defined from how we feel in the actions we perform and the people we choose to swim with. The pursuit manifests in how present we are to the particular moment of wonder occurring around us. The pleasure is in reminiscing with your mind – not your i-phone.
Drunk on a newfound friendship, Harlem and Adelaide collide.
Have you ever had a chance meeting with someone, a stretch of time bright as a comet in each others lives?
Dappled with champagne stars and laughter that bursts forth in your joy from such a chance meeting of souls… I have become addicted to these meetings. Addicted to seeking these people out in the world. People whom, like me, are not afraid to jump in, to make beauty wherever and whenever there is a sliver of a chance to. No matter how fleeting that chance is, you must grasp it, you won’t come this way twice in your life. Not in the same circumstances nor time. Opportunity strikes now! Embrace, indulge – jump!

Make hay while the sun shines. Or pour champagne while the bottle is full. et cetera,

et cetera.
These days of pleasure do, all too soon, come to a close. We say ‘see you soon’ and laugh again. The comet will come back around to us and we shall burn, burn, burn again.

Shedding light on the days and nights, not knowing the difference; Not caring to differentiate.
Please go and visit this darling: Dandy Wellington and all his fabulous splendour over here and hiis divine Instagram account here for more Hedonistic Rivalry!

Should you be lacking the tools to begin your drunken revelry, begin by reading this book of poetry by Pablo Neruda, By drinking Veuve Clicquot and Moet & Chandon, by playing with interesting cards such as these rock mineral ones and then of course pouring over the Wunderkammer of other lands here

Photography by Joseph Cassar
Art Direction by Kristy Johnson

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  1. Bravo darling!

    This is just such a wonderful addition to your site and repertoire, collaborating with Dandy….you both look so amazing together (aren’t the colours in the shots incredible, so rich and vibrant)… and the story you have woven between the two is fabulous.

    Great job Soph and so very well put together.

    MW x

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