How to prepare for a Soirée à la Marie Antoinette

How to prepare for a Soirée à la Marie Antoinette

Marie Antoinette was Queen of France, oui, but she was also Queen of the Soirée. As you know, getting ready can be the most fun part. The friends arrive, champagne corks are popped and the haze of eyeshadow and fashion choices consumes you. Somehow you get out the door into the taxi carriage that awaits to whisk you off into the night.

To make this preparation even more fun, let me illuminate the way Marie Antoinette set about for a good night. This is a whole day event, so set aside the day and relax. The excitement begins when you wake up!

8am – Wake up, Brew the coffee and Plan Your Outfit




Marie Antoinette would have a very large book placed in front of her by which to choose her outfit. Every choice was displayed. I will suggest as an equivalent to flick through your inspiration images and/or magazines. Let this inspire your imagination with your wardrobe and muse over it while you finish your coffee. Once you have an idea of your desired look, place yourself in front of your wardrobe and take out everything that is a potential piece. Think about what you want to communicate and choose accessories in the appropriate fashion. Let me give you some ideas…

Perhaps you want to communicate one of the following:

“I have a boyfriend, don’t try to chat me up” – wear an arrow on your right breast pointing into your heart on the left. This indicates cupid has already shot you with his arrow and your heart belongs to someone else. A good brooch does the trick.

“I am single” – Take a fan with you and use it as a tool for seduction. Hopefully it is a balmy night so you don’t look ridiculous fanning yourself in the midst of winter. Check this guide for specific gestures, a feather fan always does well to attract the right kind of attention from your suitor

“I am looking for intellectual conversation” – Don the symbol of an owl. The owl is an attribute of Minerva, Goddess of Wisdom. Attract fine and interesting conversation to your night by adorning yourself with this icon.

“I want to dance and lose myself in the night” – Think of Bacchus, the god of partying! Wear vine leaves or pretty grapes, better yet – drink wine! (I am not inciting overindulgence, there is a difference between blind drunk and losing oneself into the night)

9.30am  Bathe, Eat a Good Breakfast and Hop Back into Bed



Take a long luxurious bath. Marie Antoinette would have it rolled into her bedroom but I am going to assume safely that yours is securely fastened in your bathroom, adjourn there instead. Afterward, hop back into bed and do as Marie Antoinette would have and eat breakfast here. So civilised. J’adore. A good meal at the beginning of the day sets you up for a well energised night!

2pm Prepare your Hair



At this point in the day, Marie Antoinette would settle into having her hair done. Whether you like to have yours done or prefer to do it yourself (I prefer the latter) it is always a joy to take ones time. The customary singing into your hairbrush to your favourite tunes is recommended here in abundance.

♫ ♪Luke Million – Midnight♫ ♪

♫ ♪Peter Sarstedt – Where do you go my lovely♫ ♪

♫ ♪Milky Chance – Stolen Dance♫ ♪

6pm Your People Arrive!



This is the fun part, At this point Marie Antoinette would be getting dressed by her friends whom were also ranked high enough to help her dress, a high honour. I’m sure it was loads of fun though! Its always easier when your BFF is there to zip you up and tuck in your tags. And so, the night begins. I hope in the morning you will wake with lovely starry memories. The words of Christopher Isherwood in Goodbye Berlin seem to sum up this moment;

No. Even now I can’t altogether believe that any of this really happened…


Reading REVS Magazine – Fashion and Art collide in this publication which I stumbled across only recently. A must for visual inspiration!

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