How to say ‘I Love You’

How to say ‘I Love You’

Do you ever find it difficult to articulate your love? Coming in so many forms and felt so strongly, at times the words do not materialise in our minds to create the expression that is appropriate. This is why I love poetry. This is why I believe poetry came into being.. so we could say what we needed to say but couldnt in general conversational language.

Pablo Neruda was the first poet I found that gave language expression to my feelings of eros (romantic) love. Let me share with you one of his pieces entitled ‘Your Laughter’:



There are many types of love and many poets whom articulate them well. The words for the different types of love come from Greek origins, explained here:

Eros or Romantic Love

Love Poems by Pablo Neruda is the most sweet little book, the size of your pocket. Keep it in there and read from it at any and all times. The best is before bed, over breakfast, on the bus or even over face time if you cannot be together in the moment you need to express how you feel.

Storge or Family Love

Songs of Innocence and of Experience by William Blake is my go to for poetry about family and the joy that exists in that special realm. Choose one to read to the family before sharing a meal, or during a speech in an event that marks a special time.

Agape or Love for Humanity

Humanity I love you by E.E Cummings is one expression on this road. I think it is a broad topic as love for humanity also entwines itself with all that himanity makes in life. Thus, love for life, love for connection, love for good deeds I believe all fit in this category. Begin by looking to cummings for your inspiration in 100 Selected Poems

Ludus or Playful Love

Often described as the love children have in their friendships with each other, Ludus is an expression of innocence we all felt as young ones and that we as adults gets to see in the faces of youth. Read One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish by Dr Seuss to reconnect.

Philautia or Self Love

Such an intrinsic amount of love you have must be directed onto oneself so that one may feel truly love from others. Give yourself love in order to receive that from others. A sweet poem about this was written by Charlie Chaplin, take a moment for yourself and have a little read here.

Pragma or Enduring Love

To endure love and for it to be enduring takes something special between two people. Time is a beast that we have no weapon against except our will and determination, our ability to endure. To create an enduring love for the ages, I suggest you begin your journey with Wurthering Heights by Emily Brönte



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