Hypnos Hypnosia

Hypnos Hypnosia

Hypnos and the proceeding etymology of the word relate to a host of transient mind states. Do you ever feel like you are between two worlds? I do. My teachers called me a day dreamer. I am sure you have slipped into these periods freely. Hypnos, the god of sleep – son of Nyx the night does not specifically relate to day dreaming yet the ties to him are too much to ignore.

In order to emanate the attributes of Hypnos through adornment you can communicate your day dreamer status with the same attributes he used. Wings traditionally protruded from his temples, but a little winged hair clip would be a gorgeous nod to this Greek God. See here and here for inspiration.
Ovid presents Hypnos’ home around the river of forgetfulness with little poppies blossoming everywhere, inducing sleep. I always forget where I am when I day dream, and in awaking from my trance, I slowly pull together where I am once again.









Hypnos and the known word hypnosis, do not suggest the same thing. Hypnos is the god of sleep, yet hypnosis is a state of awareness, albeit one that is all consuming like sleep, yet is not restful as sleep is defined. The etymology of sleep is related to Somnus – the latin version of Hypnos. Notice how similar this is to insomnia literally sans sleep. There is also a correlation to the formal name of the Opium Poppy, Papaver Somniferum. Mind blown. The connection was lost in translation at some point, but now you know the truth! Poppies are a popular fashion motif, and now knowing their historical significance you can make your interpretations. I imagine wearing white poppies as emblems of wanting others to day dream with me, or of letting others know that if my eyes have glazed over that I am just day dreaming, the conversation isn’t boring me. My mind just wanders like that…

There is a moment right before you fall asleep and right before you wake called ‘Hypnogogic’. This is moment of mish mashed dream/hallucination. I sometimes remember things I see just before I wake. These moments of mind bending consciousness are so interesting, so purely sub-conscious.










The Poppy and Wings

When you see Hypnos depicted in a painting or sculpture, these attributes can identify him but they also play into the story, or his role in the story, that is displayed before you. Often his presence signifies that he has, or will, put to sleep someone pictured near him. One story is that of Zeus. Hera needs to distract him from knowing she has allowed Poseidon to help the Greeks in battle. Hera seduces him, and in his post coital relaxation Hypnos puts him to sleep unnoticed.







Now for your best accessory – The books! I have done research in the following books for this article. For more information – seek here and you shall find your curiosity sated; at least temporarily!

The Dictionary of Classical Mythology, Penguin

Dreams in Myth, Medicine, and Movies By Sharon Packer


Adorn yourself with poppy scarves, brooches or hair pins. Then day dream to your hearts content.

Wearing 1930s vintage dress from Tut & Hola Amsterdam (High quality hand picked vintage) similar here and wings just from a costume shop! (pinned into my hair at the back)


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Origin Inspiration: Whoa your horses!

Origin Inspiration: Whoa your horses!

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