I am a Fan

I am a Fan
Do you remember handling a fan for the first time? Feeling the sweet cool breeze upon a warm cheek?
The fan is a symbol for wind, or rather something invisible that moves – the spirit. Did you remember feeling quite regal and fancy? (sorry – I couldn’t help myself!) The Fans power associations are not lost to us when we strike it out and look from behind it. The wind can spread a fire but it can also set a bird into flight. This is a liberation from the terrestrial realm and a burst into the celestial; the world of the spirits. Perhaps giving new weight to the phrase ‘free as the wind’, no?
The first antique I ever bought was an ostrich feather fan (similar here) with a tortoiseshell handle at about the age of 15. I had it on lay-by for weeks. The day I brought it home I was so pleased, It was the prettiest thing I had ever owned. I desired that regal air, the volume, the feathers; oh the drama!
The fan has been a ladies tool for centuries. Painted or feathered, fans were a la mode. Used to cool the face but ever more intriguingly used to communicate intentions of all kinds. Messages such as I wish to speak with you or Kiss me were subtly spoken with the use of the fan. These things could not possibly be uttered by good ladies mouths, but with their fans it was possible. The half circle shape the fan creates when spread appears like a moon. Its similarity to the shape tends associations to be made about feminine temperament; which often changes like the moons stages throughout the month.
Imagine bringing this language into the now – going to nightclubs (where you can’t hear what people are saying anyway) and communicating via fan. Seducing the object of your interest or saying secret things to the girls – i.e they are looking at us! It would be quite a sight, no? I would have to recommend one of the most exquisite Fan makers in the world – DuVelleroy! If you want to make an impression on the subject of your affection, you must think like the peacock and flash some extraordinary feathers! This company was created with the passion to reinstate the popularity of Fans among ladies, when I discovered them on my down-the-rabbit-hole internet research sessions, I could not resist but share this company with you. This is not sponsored by the way, I do just adore their work.
Eyes wide pupils! Lets learn to speak fan.
I have also made you a free download printable outlining the movements and their meanings. We must be sure to do our study!
I Want You
Do You Love Me?
Kiss Me
Call Me
Come Talk to Me
I Am Single
I Can’t
I am Married
You are in the Friend Zone

You are being a d**k

Ugh, Go Away

You’ve Changed Man

They Are Staring At Us

You Are Getting  On My Nerves Right Now

Can We Talk Privately for A Second



An a little parting gift one needs to conquer the language of the fan! I have created a free printable for you going through each flip and strike of that gorgeous fan; It is truly so very becoming of you.

Click on the image below to access the free printable!
Screen Shot 2015-08-02 at 10.31.58 pm


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Creative home, creative life.

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Wonderful News!

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