Inspiration: Homage to D.V “Why Don’t You?”

Inspiration: Homage to D.V “Why Don’t You?”

The home for me has always been a mirror to the inside of our minds. A reflection of who we are, and how we think. I love to visit the home of a new acquaintance in order to truly understand them. I look for details, colour choices, objects or furniture positions that speak to me about their owner. My reward is learning of what they fancy, their interests and desires.

The home can also be a picture of what we want people to think about us. Why don’t you throw that concept out the door and concentrate only on what you are – thus becoming truly free to create an ultimate habitat reflecting that which is so intrinsically you.

Diana Vreeland always took things to the next level, so, why don’t you? Do not be afraid of what guests may think, but be prepared to become slightly vulnerable upon them seeing you in the walls, objects and energy of your home. The fabulous consequence of this quite being that your home supports you to be completely self-expressed. It is not a place to feel judgement, but contentment. It is not for faux first impressions, but authenticity.







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Hypnos Hypnosia

Hypnos Hypnosia

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