Like Stars on the Lips

Like Stars on the Lips

Champagne, oh glorious champagne! An invention of man that has taken the fantasy of human imagination into raptures of parties and celebration. No matter where a bottle of champagne is, so too can something be found to celebrate!
Last night we did just that; Pop! Pop! Pop! That joyous sound of corks exploding forth could be heard every couple of minutes in Adelaide’s new Bon Vivant’s den: The Champagne Bar on Rundle Street.

As a lover of art, my eye went directly to the custom made wallpaper. Flowers, hounds and dandy gents grace the walls. I like to think of them peering over patrons sipping champagne whom are no doubt experiencing a chasm of stars popping on their lips.
Throughout the night I could hear everyone echoing the words of Dom Perignon:

Come quickly, I am drinking the stars!




In a glass of champagne there are approximately 20 million bubbles. Let’s read that again, 20 million bubbles!. Don’t you just love science?!
The symbology in Western Art of bubbles is very appropriate to Champagne. Bubbles represent the transitory nature of life itself. Popping without warning, bubbles echo the vulnerability and spontaneity of a life. The symbol reminds us to enjoy the bubble (life) before it pops, as that might come at an unexpected time.

So, let us drink to that and enjoy this moment and every bubble within it!



You know I cannot resist a soirée, so when I was asked to attend and sit in the best seat in the house to celebrate, how could I refuse?











Getting ready is almost as fun as the soirée itself! With my gorgeous friend, Ben Roberts (see him here too) it feels as if the evening is everlasting and luxurious. It feels as if there is always time for another glass of champagne, another anecdote or two and one last photo before racing out the door and delving into the night!

Ben is such an incredible example of self-expression and someone I look up to when in need of a confidence boost. Life is too short to be confined to greyscale. Menswear can be so extraordinary if you just take a chance. Think a la Ben and unconsciously you will be the heart and soul of the party.

He shines bright so that you can too.






Note: This is not a sponsored post, it is a soirée post! Vive la Soirée!


Carla Lippis.

Carla Lippis.

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