MALTA TRAVEL: The Island of Gozo!

MALTA TRAVEL: The Island of Gozo!

Look! Over there in the distance!


It’s the Island of Gozo!

This magical place is famously known for housing Ulysses for 7 years. In the story of Homer’s ‘The Odyssey’, Ulysses has a treacherous journey at sea after the siege of Troy. After thunderbolts, horrendous weather and losing his shipmates to the depths of the sea, Ulysses escaped the wrath of the Gods and landed on Gozo. Here, he began a (slightly one sided) love affair with Calypso. She was the God of war’s daughter and upon having Ulysseys with her, she felt complete. He however yearned for his wife back home.

Calypso decided she would not give him a new boat, thus holding him a prisoner of her love. After 7 years, he was so homesick that Jove sent Hermes the messenger God to force Calypso to release him. The West winds then carried him safely home.



Travel is by Ferry from Malta to Gozo – note, its free to get to Gozo, but costs approximately 5 Euro to get back (as a single person) or approximately 15 Euro to get back for a driver and car. If you want to take the scenic route, hire a boat and see the island of Comino on your way!



The Azure Window

Mother Nature bestows upon us the most exquisite gifts. In all nature’s glory, there is nothing quite like coming up to magnificently sized cliff rocks which dominate your field of vision and command respect as they stand up against the relentless Ocean.

One can see the war that is raged between land and sea, the cliffs fighting a losing battle of erosion. But this too, is a beautiful process. The Azure Window was created by the sea. In an enormous rock, a window has been carved over centuries right through the middle, poetically framing the most Azure water for us to marvel at.

Perhaps Mother Nature understands that in order for us to really appreciate something, we have to isolate it and view it that way.

If you are visiting, read more here.





Ta’ Pinu

Ta’ Pinu is a destinations for many people all over the world. World famous for its healing abilities, people who are sick and injured come here to pray. The church itself is a curiosity. Countless people have left over the years, souvenirs or offerings if you like of their journey to health. In the back of the church  knee braces, baby clothes, photographs and letters adorn the walls telling all the stories of those who have been healed.






Wearing ZARA dress, MANGO earrings and bracelets, VTG head scarf.

Photographs by the gorgeous Joseph Cassar


Creative home, creative life.

Creative home, creative life.

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Wonderful News!

Wonderful News!

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