Eccentricity. What is it? I define eccentricity as not feeling the need to conform nor think the same way as everyone else. As one whom teeters on the edge of reality and surreality, not caring which side he is erring on at any one time because it is all rather fabulous from their perspective.

Home: More is More! House Of Hackney Furnishings

hackney collage

Isn’t it a fun thing to ponder if animals think and feel the same way as we do. The word for it tickles me: Anthropomorphized. Are they smiling and laughing, wanting to read books and smoke cigars with us? I think yes, I knew many a four legged friend with better taste in pleasures of life than most humans! Alas, I digress. House of Hackney has explored this very notion in the form of a print and yes, it is available in everything. I mean everything. Wall paper, carpet, rugs, cushions, sofas, lamp shades – even dresses. I reccommend having it all. Having everything in this print! More is more is more.


Inspiration: The Art Patron, Peggy Guggenheim

peggy collage

I just watched Peggy Guggenheim: Art Addicta documentary on the scandalous and eccentric life of the Mother of Modern Art: Peggy Guggenheim. Sex (oh my, shock horror* // *sarcasm intended) Art and Gallivanting: That was the life a la mode of Peggy. What fun she had; what unwavering dedication she showed to bring art to you and I. Even risking being sent to a concentration camp when Germany took Paris in the second world war just so she could buy a piece of (what was then called) ‘Degenerate Art’ each day and bring them safely to America. Dali, Pollock, Ernst.. just to name a couple. A must watch!

Read more about it here at Vanity Fair!

Tips: Eccentric Traits

isabellablow collage
Collage of Isabella Blow by The Moon and The Mirror. Fabulous Eccentric and Surrealist Hat Wearer
  • Do everything in 3’s just like Florette Seligman; “She liked to do everything thrice, including wearing three coats, three watches and saying everything three times…” Read more here
  • Practise EXTREME curiosity. Some subjects of interest including: Botany, Taxidermy, Watch mechanisms, Hat making and solo flight.
  • Embody flamboyancy in every moment – from the flailing of your arms as you speak to knocking out the person next to you as you throw your feather boa over your shoulder: every action must be big, big, big!
  • Collect! Iris Apfel’s apartment is the best example of eccentricity in collecting. Art, clothes and toys are her joie de vivre!  Discover yours and fill EVERY corner of your home.
  • Display your excitement as a child would. Pour champagne with vigour! look people in the eye! Dance with everyone and anyone! Kick your heels! Shriek with laughter and lose yourself!
  • Have a signature ‘thing’. Is it how you wear your hair? Is it the superstitions you have around how many bracelets must be worn on certain days of the year? Is it your unwavering desire for more dogs? Is it your capacity to sing at any and all moments, which you do so without warning? Is it an overuse of a certain expression that is so intrinsically you?

Quote: By Crispin Glover


Eccentric doesn’t bother me. ‘Eccentric’ being a poetic interpretation of a mathematical term meaning something that doesn’t follow the lines – that’s okay.




Dress Up when you’re Feeling Down

Dress Up when you’re Feeling Down

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