Top 5 #moonandmirror LOVES: Secret Parties Edition

Top 5 #moonandmirror LOVES: Secret Parties Edition

I must impart on you more of all the wonder and delight I find in my ceaseless hunt for inspiration. Here, in #MoonandMirror LOVES, I shall do just that. Soireés, fabulous lives, film, literature, champagne… Only the best for you!

The Beistegui Ball


“Mexican silver-mining heir Charlie de Beistegui was perhaps the greatest party giver this century has known, and his 1951 costume
ball at the Labia Palace in Venice—attended by the Aga Khan, Gene Tierney, and Jacqueline de Ribes, among others—made social
history. As Sotheby’s readies Beistegui’s magnificent Château de Groussay, near Paris, to go on sale for $10 million, the
author penetrates the heart of French society, visiting barons, countesses, and princesses, for
a portrait of a master of illusion who created a world of utter splendor.” Dominick Dunne

Legendary Parties 1922 – 1972 by PRINCE JEAN-LOUIS DE FAUCIGNY-LUCINGE

With a name that fabulous I think it deserves capitals don’t you?!

lengendary parties collage

This book is a treasured possession of mine. It is the ultimate Soireé handbook, inspiration book and visually sumptuous extravaganza! Parties such at Bal de la Mer (Ocean Ball) and the Famous Paintings Ball enchant me. Everyone is photographed beautifully in constumes designed by Picasso and Cocteau. If you want to up your Soiree game, this is all you need. A wise investment for your mind and library!

Find it here.

Secret Parties in Paris by The Oracle

There are still people in the world who know how to put on a glorious party. It is a little secret though, and to get tickets would be quite something of a miracle. Alas – we shall try! The parisian underground is still heaving with indulgence and fantasy. Let the Oracle take you there…

Read more about them here at Messy Nessy Chic.

The Ultimate Soiree Host: Marchesa Luisa Casati


The book written about her, Infinite Varietyhas been the only complete source of literature that does her magic justice. It was the above image  that enchanted me first with her. It is from Acne Paper (not in print anymore sadly!) and Tilde Swinton strikes a resemblance we can only marvel at as supernatural. She had much wealth and spent it enjoying life to a level many can only dream. Parties went beyond extravagant. Marchesa created another world, the masses flocked. Masks were worn and one never knew whom they were kissing – a peasant or a prince.

Read more about the extraordinary life of Marchesa here.

The Evil Stepmother from the film Blancanieves

evil stepmum

Silent film noir does something to you. Becoming entranced into a film seems an express action, the visuals being heightened due to language being omitted. Your eye for detail becomes exquisitely accurate. The costume designers are now chefs, laying out the feast for your eyes to gorge on. To be gluttonous with… To leave the film feeling full.

If you missed the article on The Evil Stepmother, check it out here.

She was potently delicious.


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All collages by The Moon and The Mirror


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