Mornings of Marilyn and Champagne at The Mayfair Hotel

Mornings of Marilyn and Champagne at The Mayfair Hotel

Marilyn Monroe famously once said “I go to bed every night with a drop of Chanel No5 behind my ears and I wake up every morning with a glass of Piper Heidsieck…”

During 1953, a chilled bottle of Piper Heidsieck made its way to Marilyn Monroe’s room at 444 West street, New York City, New York.

I adore stories that begin as rumours and transform into legendary myth. It was said that Piper Heidsieck sent Marilyn a bottle of their champagne in a bucket of ice, etched with her name and address every morning while she was filming in 1953. As Marilyn was there for over a month, the buckets began to pile up and are now distributed across the world. Oh! such is the mystery of Marilyn memorabilia.

One night, someone very dear to my heart presented me with this curious champagne bucket. I held it up to the light and revealed, ever so magically in slow motion, the fine engraving M A R I L Y N … My eyes widened unconsciously at this point, bringing my friend back into focus. Her smiling, nodding face said “yes, it is what you think it is..” She proceeded shared with me this rumour, its provenance. It is the provenance makes everything more meaningful, more wonder-filled.

It is always fascinating to me how stories come my way. A chance meeting, a suggestion of curiosity that takes my imagination on a ride. This particular story had me think of only one location to explore the story. The Mayfair Hotel has been a project in the making for 10 years. Sitting elegantly on the corner of King William and Hindley streets in Adelaide, the heritage building cuts an impressive figure, reminiscent of New York style and grandeur.

I walked into the Mayfair on a cool night, silk negligee under a warm coat, curls of blonde languishing my face and a pout that wouldn’t quit. Was I in New York? It felt like it… Marilyn was like a glass of champagne, crisp, bubbling and bright. By indulging in her style, her prowess and joy, we were able to re-create the moment of receiving champagne morning after morning, of course via a very handsome delivery boy. How divine!

In homage to the 50th anniversary of her death, The Moon and The Mirror has come together with this newly established luxury hotel, The Mayfair, to honour the effervescent memory of Marilyn Monroe. Join us at the Mayfair and allow oneself the pleasure of luxury only a hotel such as this can bestow. Do as Marilyn did, wake up to a bottle of champagne – every morning.



















Photography by Sophie Armstrong and Joseph Cassar.


Creative home, creative life.

Creative home, creative life.

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Wonderful News!

Wonderful News!

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