Origin Inspiration: a Rose, arose.

Origin Inspiration: a Rose, arose.

Isn’t it the most beautiful scent to be engulfed by? It is all consuming. I always remember as a child my mothers rose garden. At any time I could request a bouquet of the most marvellous blooms; She would take me out and let me pick the best roses for my bunch. My mother still does this today. That is the nature of the rose, to give it, Just like love.

Dolce and Gabbana, Fall 2015 and the rose; for such an overused motif, D&G have managed to make it fresh, fun and innocent. Their concentration on family love, rather than ‘passionate’ love is endearing; although one does think of the passsionate love that must come first before the family. The rose seems transcendent in this context, representing all love. This love stands for each context of all encompassing family love, not just the ‘traditional’ type.

The Rose has deep origins as a motif for both martyr and lover. It’s innocent petals delighting us – even remedying us and its thorns in direct contrast of defensiveness. The crimson of the red rose offers thoughts of the Virgin Mary and of sensual fertility in the Goddess Venus (or Aphrodite). In Bottecelli’s famous painting depicting the birth of Venus from a sea shell, roses are abreast in the wind of her coming forth.




 Look at those shoes! How sweet would it be to just clip on some real roses on our heels and as we walk, they wilt; leaving a trace of petals behind us…




I highly recommend carrying around a bunch of roses in your tote as a fashion accessory.


Hypnos Hypnosia

Hypnos Hypnosia

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