Origin Inspiration: The Turban

Origin Inspiration: The Turban

The turban literally encircles the head. Fabric is twisted and entwined around and around, knotted and tucked. Originally, the turban or any headwear for that matter, was worn in conjunction with the significance of the head. The head is known now to be the source of intellect and reason, however, it was primarily symbolic of the spiritual source. The ears, mouth, nose and eyes are contained here and thus our ability to experience. The head as the “seat of the soul” contains our imagination and identity. It is our own vessel for private thoughts and deep understanding. To encircle it, is to protect it. To contain what is solely our own.


Advanced Style


The Colour Stalker

I like to wrap big scarves around and around – hermes style prints, bright colours and patterns are absolute winners! Alternatively, a turban hat is a seriously easy go to option, vintage styles with feathers or some kind of embellishment always make me feel like the Queen of Sheeba!

IMG_0169 copy

Advanced Style

I adore the turban. It enhances the shape of the head and is an addition to an outfit which speaks of a certain exoticism and mystery. What is beneath? This is both a physical and psychological query. What fabulousness is within that mind which is so wrapped up and protected? It is rare that I do not wear something upon my head, and this is perhaps due to my desire to protect those thoughts and imaginations from flying away from me.


Girl With a Pearl Earring, Vermeer, 1665


herem-1084_Valerija kelava - vogue portugal nov 13 - chad pitman

Vogue Portugal Cover

The Turban is the ultimate cherry on the cake to an outfit. The array of patterns and wrapping designs just seem to top the outfit off, complete it. Everything appears pulled together with this wreath of fabric. This Vogue Portugal cover is marvellous don’t you think? Never can you be too matching, especially when a Turban is involved.


Hypnos Hypnosia

Hypnos Hypnosia

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