Why Dressing Up is the Secret to Happiness

Why Dressing Up is the Secret to Happiness

Perhaps I am overdressed to some, but for me, I am just honestly expressing myself. Dressing is my art art form, my way of being in this world. I figure if this comes off as being over dressed, it doesn’t matter to me. What I get from dressing up is a trigger for my daily dose of happiness.

We can only rely on ourselves to find true happiness and there are so many things we can do to illuminate it. Being creative is a powerful one and so, why not do it through a necessary medium such as getting dressed each day? You are the canvas, your clothes and accessories are the paint!

With this perspective, you can make artwork daily. With daily creativity, comes daily happiness. Being prepared for a day as a self-expressed, creative and internally happy individual can transform your life.

  1. When you are dressed up for your day, there is a sense of “Anything could happen!”
  2. People will smile at you, Smile back!
  3. You already have your creative vision flowing by composing your outfit, this sets you up for a day of lateral and creative thinking.
  4. You are prepared for anything to come your way. A last minute party, a run in with a celebrity, street style photographer, last minute date, tickets to a fabulous performance.. no need to go home and change, you are already so fabulous and happy to be able to accept last minute events!
  5. You will give off all the positive vibes and receive them in return.
  6. You will boost your confidence in all areas. Dressing up can feel daunting. But – we can either spend our time worrying what other people think of us (as if that even matters!) or we can work on truly presenting our authentic, self expressed selves.

I have learnt from the likes of Ari Seth Cohen’s women in Advanced Style that dressing up, being ready for your day and not “giving a damn” is the secret to a long life, to happiness and to making a mark on this world. They may be over 65 but their wisdom, style and approach to life needs to be heard by every age. Check them out over at advancedstyle.com








16 thoughts on “Why Dressing Up is the Secret to Happiness

  1. I ADORE this post! I just stumbled across your blog for the first time and I love love love this. You made my day and as someone who is often considered ‘overdressed’ myself, I appreciate when I read post like this that highlight how wonderful being ‘overdressed’ really is!

    1. Oh Sam – thank you so so much! What wonderful feedback – I know my overdressed tribe is out there, I am so happy to have found another one! Love your blog too – what awesome work you are doing, so much value! Thanks for stopping by! I’ll check you out on social media too, would love to stay in touch! Warmest, Sophie XX

  2. I do the same! Though, not as elegantly as you. Work may wear grey but I am a rainbow I get smiles all the time. Dressing for yourself it the way to go

  3. I’m glad to find like minded people, I always dress up,regardless of where I’m going. ( even just staying in ) It really does set you up for the day.
    When you’re confident it will rub off on others. But most of all dress that smile,it works wonders when you smile at others, you might be the only smile they see in a day, so make it matter. I’m nearly 64 and always dress up….

  4. I SO wholeheartedly agree with this! I’ve only just started dressing up more and I LOVE it!! I never feel happier than when I’m wearing an outfit that I love and I’ve gotten so many lovely comments from peeps when doing it. *wink* I even had several different peeps tell me I looked like Taylor Swift…and I adore her sense of style so that really made my day. *big smile*

  5. First, Love this post! Second, you are beautiful and your styling is impeccable. The flower cape/coat is divine. I always say, “dress how you want to be addressed.” So I tend to overdress most of the time. It just makes me feel my best, when I’m totally pulled together. I will say, I would love to go back to the days when men and women all dressed impeccably.

    1. I adore that quote! Thank you for sharing it with me, I will think of it now when I am getting ready for my day! I must agree about the old days, but together we can bring it back! Thank you for commenting! XX Sophie

  6. I love this post and totally agree with dressing up and wearing colour and how it can improve how you feel and how others relate to you. I have all my life refused to wear or own black clothes. My philosophy is there is way too much black in this world and wearing colour effectively can help to improve mine and others mood… (apart from the fact that black doesn’t suit me…).
    Here’s to more colour and dressing up! XX The Elegant Executive Curve

  7. Hi Sophie, I love this post you really are speaking the truth. There needs to be more fabulous in the world and embracing our own gets it started. Keep up the great work !

    1. Hi Sue, thank you so much for your comment. SO happy to see how many people are embracing their fabulous – together we can take over the world with happiness!

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