She wrote me a letter

She wrote me a letter

My joy for receiving a letter is something I must share with you. Sometimes you are expecting it, sometimes it comes as a total surprise and your heart swells at the advent of seeing handwritten letters in an oh so familiar lettering style.
To receive letters, one must also send them. Thoughts go to the creativity that is endless. Concealed within an envelope, your thoughts are captured, ever to be read and re read by the name scrawled on the front above the address.

I receive letters from a few dear friends and each of them have their own style that I recognise from the very corner of the envelope.

There are a few essentials to my own letter writing that I feel encloses my intentions beyond the words that I pen. A scent induces their memory of me. Currently I use Le Labo, Bergamot 22. A quick note on this perfume company – what they do is divine. It is made just for you, personalised with your name as the magical elixir is mixed before your eyes. They believe that perfume should not be a mass produced see and buy experience – but a unique one – just like the wearer. You know how important it is to me to celebrate the unique so match making with this perfume and me was a divine manifestation.

Secondly, a mark that is yours. In this case a wax seal bearing your name, signature or a simple letter like this one. It says to the opener ‘my thoughts are sealed inside just for you’. There is an element of mystery and promise beneath the seal.

The paper you write on also lends itself to the atmosphere. These cards by Leonardo Communication are of good stock, all the way from my italian travels. They are special. Special things are meant to be shared and used. I was never one for not using the ‘good cutlery and china’. Those knives and forks have seen both cheeky take away guilty pleasures and the most extraordinary roasts upon their prongs. Like wise, special paper should see the light of a small ‘thank you’ or an explosion of the heart.

Finally; the pen. There is nothing worse than an untrustworthy pen. When it fails to roll out its abyss of black liquid mid sentence, it can hamper your flow and thoughts. Maybe its the Virgo in me, but a pen that stops working mid sentence really flips my proverbial wig. To ensure this never happens I use this gorgeous Waterford pen to ensure the safety of my words upon the page.







Poetry is never omitted from my letters. Occasionally it is because I am unsure of my own words conveying what I wish to express… More often than not I include it in order to give my reader a moment in their day. A moment to muse on, to escape within; if only for the few seconds it takes to read the words aloud. A piece from Edgar Allen Poe fitted my love so well, it was only thing I wrote:

No magic shall sever thy music from thee
Thou hast bound many eyes in a dreamy sleep –
But the strains still arise
Which thy vigilance keep-
The sound of rain
which leaps down to the flower,
and dances again in the rhythm of the shower
The murmur that springs
from the growing of grass
are the music of things –
but are modell’d, at last.

Edgar Allen Poe







The very process of sealing a letter is so exquisite. It marks a moment of closure until it is received by the intended hands. I always wonder if the postie is curios as to what may be underneath that seal. I don’t think I could ever do it, forever I would be at risk of infringing privacy!










Write, my loves. Write with your heart, with fevour. Write often. Skip to your letter box in heady excitement.

Here is some of my favourite letter writing stationary to get you started:

Azure Blue Florentine from Italia

Personalised (how divine!) initial cards from Happy Hound I adore the pineapple, the mermaids and the hound!



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