How to Survive The Adelaide Cabaret Festival in 10 steps

How to Survive The Adelaide Cabaret Festival in 10 steps

It’s that fabulous time of year where glitter eyelashes sell out, champagne stocks run dry and time ceases to exist! The Adelaide Cabaret festival is almost here, so this is your reminder to prepare for a divine season!

You know the drill – you go out for dinner, you see the show… you meet the performers, endless champagne bottles are popped and before you know it, your new bed time is 5am! One starts to look and feel not so fab, however – with this guide, you can be your best self and dive into every moment as it happens!

1 – Visit East End Cellars on Ebenezer Place

Well, just before this, clear out your fridge door and make some serious room. Champagne is the only thing you will need to consume over this period. Period.

On the top of my list:

2 – Drop into MAC Cosmetics for the best eyelash glue in town

This is non-negotiable. Imagine, its 3am and you have danced so much that you think you’re losing your eyesight over so much excitement, no no, thats just your fabulous falsie obscuring your vision. What a faux pas! Off the bathroom for a quick touch-up-stick-back-on with your trusty DUO glue. I have never had a lash fail me with this glue, but I keep it in my tiny clutch just in case.

3. Keep the ladies secure with Hollywood Tape

Another essential in my bag. With all those fabulous dresses, I don’t want to be worrying about slipping out or constantly adjusting, it’s just too distracting. Keep your focus on the show and your ladies sitting pretty with the all famous Hollywood tape.

4. Hydrate

You know that thing I said earlier about only drinking champagne? I meant after 12 midday. Otherwise – Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate! That means water, moisturiser – cleaning your face and losing the falsies as soon as you get home, no matter if the sun is up! This is as good as an 8 hour sleep, which you wont get, so get on with the hydration!

5. Prepare your outfits

Having all your most fabulous options well thought out, cleaned and pressed before the season makes those frantic oh-god-I’m-running-late! moments before a show so much easier. It’s also good to know now what you need before having to change an entire outfit. Don’t discover at the last minute you don’t have scarlet red heels. My advice? Buy the scarlet red heels now.

6. Buy Your tickets yesterday!

If you haven’t heard, The Cabaret Festival pulled some serious strings to get another DITA VON TEESE show, yes – another! Check it out here!

For the best seats and for excellent planning, make sure you grab a program, circle your favourites and buy your tickets!

7. Know where the party is at

The Piano Bar inside the festival theatre will be your port of call for flowing bubbles and (free) fabulous entertainment every night, hosted by the one and only “piano-man extraordinaire” Trevor Jones! Late on fridays, the Piano Bar will also host DJ’s so you can swing!

This year, the Wintergarden will be hosting the Greenroom Speakeasy night on Wednesday 15th June and Wednesday 22nd of June. Rug up and get down to hear new work from the extraordinary Green Room talent!

A short walk away are all your mixologist delights from the strips of small bars serving up old fashions like it was 1929! Our favourites are Clever Little Tailor, Bank Street Social, Udaberri and Pink Moon Saloon!

8. Get the most out of the festival through their insider events

Cabaret Catch-up: Sonya Feldhoff of 891 ABC Adelaide will be hosting a chat with performers of the Adelaide Cabaret festival. Tune in to hear behind-the-scenes stories and creative processes. 18th June, 2pm-4pm – Piano Bar, Adelaide Festival Centre or tune into 891 ABC Radio

Insights Workshop with Lance Horne: Award winning composer and musical director, Lance Horne graces the stage to divulge his experiences and valuable insights into the industry that is Cabaret. Lance will share his creative process and perform his debut album, First Things LastSun, 19 Jun 2016, 4:15PM, Banquet Room, Adelaide Festival CentreAudience registration essential. Email to RSVP (please specify Insights Workshop with Lance Horne)

Songwriter Series: Over three afternoons in the Piano Bar, the great minds of Cabaret and Musical theatre composers will come together to guide you through how they work to create such extraordinary narratives through music. With Eddie Perfect, songwriters will illuminate their work in an educational and informative intimate session. Sat, 11 Jun 2016, 4:30PM, Sat, 18 Jun 2016, 4:30PM, Sat, 25 Jun 2016, 4:30PM at the Piano Bar

9. Get into the spirit with this playlist

Mack The Knife (in German) by Ute Lemper

Vogue by Madonna

Let’s Call The Whole Thing Off by Fred Astaire and Ginger Rodgers

Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend by Megan Hilty

Honey Doo by Dandy Wellington and his band

10. Make a Statement

This is not the time to make “safe” fashion choices my friend. Get inspired and look to the most eccentric of fabulous people for statement outfit inspiration!

I love Catherine Baba, Iris Apfel and Daphne Guinness!

Feature Photograph by Joseph Cassar, featuring Dandy Wellington, Sophie Armstrong and Veuve Cliquot!


Carla Lippis.

Carla Lippis.

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