STYLE INSPO: Suzy Bishop from Moonrise Kingdom

STYLE INSPO: Suzy Bishop from Moonrise Kingdom

Oh Wes, you never cease in your relentless supply of inspiration. We can all thank you for your colour palettes, your characters that we have fallen in love with and for creating dream destinations we hope materialise before us on some idle tuesday afternoon.
When I first watched Moonrise Kingdom, I watched it again. The love story reminded me of those times which are now coloured rose and stay in memory shrouded by fondness and innocence. Suzy Bishop runs away from home, books, record players and cat in tow.. isn’t that the dream I ask?
Her style is reminiscent of school dresses and that moment we, as young women, teeter on the edge of puberty. We play with make-up and do our hair. We listen to our favourite song over and over and tell our secrets to our cats. I remember “running away from home”. I wasnt actually running away, it was just about having a little adventure. Feeling the freedom of the trail beneath my feet and all my supplies in a tiny bag. Wes Anderson cleverly allows us to reconnect with that time in our lives and thus, Suzy’s style lends itself to us being able to embrace it once again.

What kind of bird are you?


Suzy is a Raven, but what kind of bird are you? A Hummingbird? A crane? A bird of paradise? I must say I am the latter. Frills and fancy in clothes becoming the breadth of my wings and forming my extravagant feathers…

Suzy Colour Palette from Wes Anderson Palettes Tumblr
Suzy Colour Palette from Wes Anderson Palettes Tumblr

The yellow dress Suzy wears is so sweet, always with a white collar and socks this look is all about the sweet femininoty of youth. It pairs back well with her favourite song by Francois Hardy ‘Le Temps de l’amour’, she looks as if she is about to take out a baguette and ride down the streets of Paris..




The curiosity of Suzy Bishop is represented by the binoculars strung around her neck. What a darling accessory that she uses to make her feel like she has a magic power, just like the female superheros she reads about in her many books. Think about what your superpower would be, is there something you could wear to represent it and make you feel special?

It helps me see things closer. Even if they’re not very far away. I pretend it’s my magic power


Moonrise Kingdom Suzy Bishop Style Essentials

  • Shift dresses in pastel colours
  • A set of Binoculars (or unique chosen magic power object)
  • Cane bags
  • White knee high socks
  • tennis shoes
  • Blue eyeshadow
  • Francois Hardy records
  • Portable Record Player
  • Raven bird costume
  • Story books

All photographs are stills from Wes Anderson’s Moonrose Kingdom, Feature image collage by The Moon and The Mirror.


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