Champagne Showbiz!

Champagne Showbiz!

When I go out into the night, I revel in my addiction to self-expressive glamour. As you know every day of life is theatre for me. So, when I actually go to the theatre, life is heightened! Club Swizzle has been my favourite experience yet. I say ‘experience’ for this piece is no normal show…


From the creative producer of La Soiree, Brett Haylock shared his inspiration for Club Swizzle:


Eccentric characters shine brightest in their natural habitat – a late night bar…

It is this environment he wanted to create to allow debauchery and revelry to explode – and it did! The familiar setting of a bar puts everyone at ease and lowers inhibitions. Each individual loosens up and is able to descend into the night, led by their host- the extraordinary Murray Hill. If we take this concept into our own lives, we can use the stage of a bar – any bar – to really embrace our eccentricity and take self-expression to the next level.

Murray Hill being cheeky with me!

One of the gorgeous Swizzle boys!

It’s Showbiz!

Every gorgeous face that entered the Space Theatre at Adelaide Festival Centre ceased to be an audience member. Instantly, they were patrons of Club Swizzle.
On arrival we were seduced and shmoozed by the extremely handsome million-dollar-smile Swizzle Boys who made us delirious drinks. Our host for the night, Murray Hill, rolled up beside me and had me laughing in seconds. I would come to witness his wit and cheekiness in all its infectiousness.
Around the set of the old world Pol Roger bar we began to be unsure of where we were. In Adelaide within a theatre or down town New York City? We were convinced of the latter. When a show such as this can lead you fully into a fantastical world, it’s a success and Club Swizzle was absolutely roaring!
Every single person in the room got to experience the theatre of life, so clever was the setting. It is this kind of experience that can be taken out into our own worlds, we can seek more places to allow our eccentricities to burn bright.
Pol Rodger? Yes please!

Creatures of the night unfolded before our eyes. Laurie Hagen, the formidable body entranced our minds in a backwards strip tease. The discipline, elegance and avant garde movements she performed had us completely entranced. Valerie Murzak, Club Swizzle’s burlesque extraordinaire became light manifest upon her enormous disco ball. Mesmerised I could barely think of her as human, but rather otherworldly as she performed weightlessly high above our heads.
Ali McGregor; my god – that voice! Rising in plumes of smoke from the depths of the bar, Ali kept us on our toes seamlessly mixing genres, attitudes and dance moves proving she was one to keep up with!
Sex, comedy, champagne – Showbiz!
Ali McGregor in all her glory!

Despite an act of gallantry leading to the loss of an original 1930s boater hat on the way to Adelaide, the gorgeous Dandy Wellington arrived from Harlem be with us. Singing Shake That Thing had my body grooving and the champagne spilling – how fabulous! With feet quicker than lightning, he razzed us up to the groove.
Mikey and the Nightcaps were unrelentless all night in their display of musicianship. Switching seamlessly from one genre to the next – their presence held me all night! What a trip!
Shake that thing!

Now, let me go and order a cocktail – The swizzle boys have it covered!
Martini coming right up!

For more information on Club Swizzle – Check it out here!

Images Shot by Joseph Cassar and The Moon and The Mirror #Showbiz !


Carla Lippis.

Carla Lippis.

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