Workshop Series: Dressing Up IS the Secret to Happiness

Workshop Series: Dressing Up IS the Secret to Happiness

A first for The Moon and The Mirror occurred on the weekend, and my, was I moved and inspired. Our first workshop, Dressing Up is the Secret to Happiness, held at Brick+Mortar Creative in Norwood was an experience only now I can calibrate as to how extraordinary it was.

The gorgeous attendees arrived excited and ready for ‘Dressing Up is the Secret to Happiness’ – its a pretty large call to make, however as someone that has lived and breathed this philosophy, I had the opportunity to share with them how, when, why and what to do to achieve this.

I brought almost my entire wardrobe and I featured items from the divine Birdcage Boutique for guests to play Dress Ups in. It was an awesome, awe-inspiring moment to see each and every person jump into the dressing up component and get out of their comfort zones. Hats went flying, kimono were wrapped and flowers adorned heads in magnificent ways! The enthusiasm was so energetic!!

I decided to hold this workshop in response to this post going viral. I saw how important and poignant the issue was about getting dressed up for you and only you, and how difficult this was to happen in our daily lives. Things like judgement, fear and plain old self esteem get in the way, but post workshop the transformation was inspiring. everyone floated out with a new idea of how we can be in the life, unashamedly ourselves and ready for anything!

Have a listen to this radio recording to get an idea of what I will be talking about at the next workshop this November 12th, again at Brick+Mortar Creative Norwood.

If you can’t make the physical workshop, comment below. I think this message needs to reach further so an email/video course might be on its way!

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  1. Hi- I hope you will be running this workshop in 2017? I am moving to Adelaide with my family in January and I would love to attend this fabulous event.

  2. Sophie, just discovered this. A video post of a workshop would be awesome. I’m in Melbourne, so it would be a dream to actually witness one of these events. (I have a lot of catching up to do with Moon and Mirror, I can see).

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