Written in Stone

Written in Stone

There is an impermeable quality to stone, to rock. Its formations are unwavering under the caress of your hand. Steadfast, it holds its shape. You know that saying ‘written in stone’? This explores the notion that some things are permanent, fixed, unalterable. For me, there are truths that I wrote in stone for myself a long, long time ago. These truths are permanent, fixed, unalterable. They are the things that keep me going, that keep me balanced; grounded. Above all, they keep my perspective of self-happiness clear.

In particular, I have truths on the way I choose to live my life, on how I will be within it. It is opinion after all. Opinion is a personal truth, it is uniquely ours. We champion it. We get to write it in stone.  

I am both a human-being and human-doing. It is through structure and values that I can straddle the two and become steadfast in my own path. Have you thought about what your truths are? What you live by? Have you some things written in stone?

Don’t let your special character and values, the secret that you know and no one else does,

the truth – don’t let that get swallowed up by the great chewing complacency.

Sometimes it is difficult to champion one’s own truths. I acknowledge that. But I also have the ability to acknowledge that it gets easier. All of a sudden, there is no question nor hesitation. I find that every choice I make, from the ostentatious rain coat I wore down the street to buy milk, to the choice that I would become vulnerable in a blogosphere like this, is built on what I wrote in stone all those years ago.

Truths, or values, affect the choices we make and the kind of life we allow ourselves to live. Here is what I have written in stone:

  • I, and only I, am accountable and responsible for my own happiness
  • Radical self expression is the key to my authenticity
  • I dress for myself and no one else
  • I choose to love myself everyday
  • Everyone is an individual
  • I choose to allow into my life only positivity
  • Because I am unique, I do not have to think like the majority

What are you going to write in stone?

Photographer: Ian Liew

Styled and Modelled by Sophie The Moon and The Mirror

Location: Yondah Beach House













Wearing: All Vintage, Hand made earrings


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